White Papers & Case Studies

See how QuerySurge has impacted our clients and read analyses and best practices on automated data validation & testing.

Case Studies

QuerySurge clients and partners have seen positive measurable impact on their testing speed, data coverage, data quality, and QA processes. A few of their stories are featured below.

Company utilizes QuerySurge to validate their Data Interfaces and provide ‘Peace of Mind’

Contract research organization was seeking an automated testing approach for data validation between its numerous systems feeding into its clinical trial management system. Click here for more >

Insurance Company Utilizes QuerySurge to Improve its Data Testing Practices

Insurance company’s goal was to find an automated solution to its manual data testing process that would help increase data coverage to 100% of all data, reduce their testing cycle, decrease their resource hours, and ultimately, decrease their costs. Click here for more >

Health Insurance Provider Utilizes QuerySurge to Dramatically Improve Data Quality

A major health insurer was faced with validating large data sets being transformed. Validating these large data sets could not be accomplished with traditional strategies. Data defects were flowing into their production environments. A better solution needed to be found in order to improve the quality of the data they maintain for federal regulations, marketing and pricing purposes. Click here for more >

Truck Manufacturer utilizes QuerySurge to achieve 100% data validation

A leading global industrial truck manufacturer was seeking an automated approach for its data warehouse testing initiative. They purchased QuerySurge and were able to increase testing coverage from 10% to 100% while greatly reducing testing resource hours. Click here for more >

ETL Testing: Pharmaceutical Firm Receives Clean Bill of "Build Health" for Critical Safety Data

Pharmaceutical company organizes its safety data by pulling information from multiple source systems into a data warehouse. The goal was to automate the data integrity validation of each new build of the ETL and database code by validating the data in the source and target systems. Click here for more >

Contract Research Organization Saves $288,000 in Clinical Trials Data Migration Testing Project

Contract research company providing lifecycle management services needed to upgrade its Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System. Click here for more >

White Papers

Stay current on the latest research and best practices. We're happy to share a collection of complimentary white papers created by our data testing experts.

The College Hunt: Your Emotions vs. the Big Business of Higher Education

Increased competition, declining enrollment and online classes drive Higher Education's use of BI & Analytics.
Read the paper here >

Data Quality & the CDO: New sheriff, Big problem

Data Quality is a concern of everyone in the Big Data space. Now there's a new sheriff in town who's responsible for corporate data.
Read the paper here >

The War for the 4 Pillars: Big Data, Cognitive, Cloud & IoT

There is a war for corporate mind share and money around the 4 Pillars raging now. How will it play out? Read the paper here >

Data Quality Solutions & Bad Data: A Case of Misplaced Confidence?

C-level executives are making strategic decisions based on information from their BI and analytics initiatives to try to provide their firms with a competitive advantage. But what if the data is incorrect? Then they are making big bets, impacting the company's direction and future, on bad data. Read the paper here >

Enterprise Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing: The Data Quality Conundrum

RTTS commissioned a study of over 200 companies interested in improving the data quality of their Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects. Read the results of the study, including details on the state of the industry and current practices as they relate to data quality. Read the paper here >

Why Data Warehouse Projects Need Integrated Automated Testing

This paper reveals the benefits of automating the testing of each data element based on business requirements to ensure defects are discovered prior to deployment. Read the paper here >

A Strategic Approach to Complex ETL Testing

This paper describes how an effective data warehouse testing strategy focuses on the main structures within the data warehouse architecture, addressing each component and sub-component separately and in combination. Read the paper here >

Proven ROI: Manual Testing and Minus Queries vs. QuerySurge

Pharmaceutical company proves the return-on-investment, or ROI of QuerySurge versus testing manually. Read the paper here >