Data Migration Testing

Easily Validate & Test the Data Migration Process using the QuerySurge Wizards

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80 percent of data migration projects fail to meet expectations, running over time and budget.

- Gartner

Whether you are migrating from legacy systems to a new system, from one vendor’s software to another’s, or from on-premises to the cloud, Data Migration has become one of the most challenging initiatives for IT managers. Although these projects yield high business benefits, they tend to involve a high level of risk due to the volume and criticality of the data.

  • Data Migration: Scary Metrics

    • the average cost for a Data Migration = $875,000
    • 34% of migrations have missing or lost data
    • 38% have some form of data corruption
    • 64% of migration projects have unexpected outage/downtime
    • typical cost of downtime:
    • $6.5 million/hour - Brokerage industry
    • $2.8 million/hour - Energy Industry
    • 72% of organizations deferred because data migration is too risky
  • Data Migration: Key Risks

    • Unexpected downtime
    • Budget overruns
    • Customer or Brand Impact
    • Data corruption
    • Application performance issues
    • Data loss

    To reduce risk and ensure that the data has been migrated and transformed, you need to implement a thorough validation and testing strategy. QuerySurge helps you test your data quickly and easily.

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Automating the Migration Testing Process: a 2-step process

Step #1: The Wizards — Fast & Easy. No Coding Needed.

In 2015 QuerySurge introduced our Query Wizards into the product. The Query Wizards help the team validate data with no coding required. They speed up the validation process dramatically and simplify the workload. The Wizards are useful for:

  • Quickly verifying table-to-table compares, validating hundreds of tables in minutes
  • Confirming that all rows have come over without issue and verifying row counts
  • Performing any necessary column-to-column compares
  • Verifying data types and data thresholds

Learn about the Query Wizards here

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Step #2: Testing the Transformations (ETL)

For data with transformations, you can create QueryPairs in our Design Library — one aimed at the existing system and one at the new system. You can run queries either immediately or at a particular date & time. Or they can be automatically triggered by an event, such as after your ETL or build process completes. This DevOps task is performed through the QuerySurge API. And reports can be automatically emailed to your team.

Supported Data Technologies

QuerySurge supports data warehouses, Hadoop lakes, NoSQL data stores, traditional databases, flat files, XML, web services, JSON, and many other data stores as either sources or targets.

See a full list of supported technologies here

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Finding Bad Data (also known as Data Bugs)

Using QuerySurge allows your team to implement a repeatable data validation & testing strategy that avoids the adverse impact any of these defects can have on your data and on your Business Intelligence and Analytics efforts. The typical types of problems that QuerySurge™ will find in your Data Migration projects can be seen here

Webinar Slide Deck & Video

Go through our slide deck or watch our video from our successful webinar titled Data Migrations: How to Avoid the #1 Project Pitfall (viewed over 30,000 times) and learn:

  • Why data validation and testing is so important
  • How to integrate data testing into your project schedule
  • How to automate data validation and testing
  • How to demonstrate to project stakeholders that your migration is free of bad data

QuerySurge will help you:

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