QuerySurge is now available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Offering assures Data Quality anywhere, anytime with flexible environment

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Data Quality Solution for the Cloud

QuerySurge, the leading data validation and testing solution, is now available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud!

This offering solves one of the biggest challenges that our customers face — procuring the optimal environment for QuerySurge. There are many other business benefits of using QuerySurge in the Azure Cloud, including:

  • Increased speed of deployment with flexible scalability
  • A global presence, with Azure available in 36 regions around the world
  • Fully integrated development and delivery applications
  • Full disaster recovery capabilities
  • Flexible and controllable hardware + network costs
  • Enterprise-level security

QuerySurge in the Azure Cloud ensures that data extracted from data sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly.

QuerySurge helps you:

  • Test across different platforms, including data warehouses, Hadoop or NoSQL data stores, traditional databases, flat files, XML, web services, json files, or mainframe files.
  • Automate the testing effort from the execution of tests to the comparison of all data to emailing the results to your team.
  • Integrate for Continuous Delivery (DevOps). QuerySurge integrates with most Build, Configuration, ETL, and Test Management solutions.
  • View and share test results through our deep-dive reporting ability and our automated emailing of reports and notifications.

See QuerySurge and Azure here ⇒