QuerySurge Solutions

The automated data testing solution for your Big Data, Data Warehouse, Enterprise App/ERP, Data Migration & Business Intelligence projects

Data Warehouse & ETL Testing

QuerySurge was built specifically for implementing automated data warehouse testing projects. It streamlines and accelerates testing while drastically improving data coverage throughout your projects.

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Big Data Testing

A testing strategy is pivotal for success with Big Data. Using QuerySurge will increase your data validation coverage, detect data issues, and improve your data quality at speed on your Big Data project.

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Data Migration Testing

Whatever your reasons may be for migrating data, we understand that the process is inherently demanding of time, money, and skilled resources.  QuerySurge is a solution for data migration testing that minimizes risk and yields several unique benefits.

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DevOps & Continuous Data Testing

Testers can now dynamically create, execute and update data validation tests utilizing API calls and integrate with other solutions in your DevOps pipeline

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BI Report Testing

QuerySurge provides a successful approach to solving the problem of testing the data embedded in Business Intelligence reports from IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, Tableau, and MicroStrategy.

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Enterprise Application / ERP Testing

See how QuerySurge improves the data quality of data feeds to and from your ERP system, CRM, financial, HR, Pharma, Higher Education, or any critical enterprise system.

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Database Upgrade Testing

Upgrading your database environment is a necessary component of your IT strategy. QuerySurge supports the complex logic that is needed to ensure that the transitioned data reflects your business logic, especially if the structure of the data changed as a result of the upgrade.

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