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QuerySurge helps improve Midland States Bank’s
data validation and ETL testing

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QuerySurge helps improve Midland States Bank’s data validation and ETL testing


Midland States Banks is a growing financial services company that utilizes Oracle based technologies to host their data in a hybrid data lake/data warehouse configuration. Informatica Cloud is utilized as the main data pipeline tool to bring in data from a variety of sources. BI technologies such as Cognos and Power BI are used to analyze their data sets and drive key business decisions.


As a financial services company, it is extremely important to ensure reporting to management is accurate. Data is extracted from over two dozen sources, including technologies such as Oracle databases, flat files, and Salesforce. With a variety of data sources, including a mixture of on-premises applications and SaaS-bases solutions, a unified testing solution was difficult to implement.


QuerySurge was able to establish connections with all of Midland States Bank’s data sources to help validate their ETL process. The bundled Oracle and flat file drivers along with QuerySurge’s connection wizard made the configuration process straightforward. Additionally, our technology partners at CData offer a Salesforce driver which has allowed the team to extract essential data from their cloud CRM platform. 

QuerySurge is being used to validate data in two ways:

  • During the development cycle, as part of test-driven development, it has helped to validate the entire ETL process. 
  • For operational data QA of their production environment, daily verifications have been implemented to ensure that no errors have made it into their data loading process. 

While Midland States Bank is not yet using QuerySurge to validate report outputs, they plan to add these tests at some point in the future. This can be accomplished with QuerySurge’s Bi-tester add-on which supports connections to both Cognos and Power BI. 


QuerySurge was able to easily integrate into the BI and development lifecycle process. The Data Analytics reports have made it easy for team members to review results and investigate any failures that may have occurred. In addition, the inclusion of participant (read-only) users, gives all stakeholders the ability to log into QuerySurge and review the results.

QuerySurge is a key part of our business intelligence platform and is embedded into both our development lifecycle and our runtime processes. It’s enabled both technical teams and business stakeholders to have confidence in the data that we’re providing. With a large number of data sources involved, automated testing is key to efficiency.

- Doug Newton, Director Enterprise Data Architecture, Midland States Bank

About About Midland States Bank:

A strong and growing diversified financial services company, we take heart in providing our clients with world-class service, our shareholders with ownership in a prosperous company, and our employees with a fulfilling career where they can advance. From our modest beginnings as a one-branch bank in Effingham, Ill., Midland has grown and diversified into a unique financial services company. Today, Midland serves consumer, business and corporate clients with a full range of services. You can find out more information about us at:

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