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You can experience QuerySurge in 3 ways: in our hosted Cloud environment, as a trial download, or as a guided PoC evaluation

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BI Tester Module
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QuerySurge DevOps for Data
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Environment Hosted in our Cloud Installs on any Windows or Linux PC
Min. Requirements Internet Connection & Browsers more> 8GB RAM, 100GB HD more>
Suggested System Requirements Internet Connection & Browsers more> Min. 16GB RAM, 4-core, 256GB HD more> Min. 16GB RAM, 4-core, 1TB SSD more>
Number of Users 1 2 2 or more
Includes all these features:
Tutorial & reference guide
Sample data warehouses & flat files
Pre-written queries & pre-scheduled test runs
Create & execute custom test on our data
Monitor test runs & view reports
Video tutorials, knowledge base, ticket support
Connect to your Big Data stores, Data Warehouses, flat files
Test Management Integration
Create & execute custom tests on your data
Send automated email reports to your team
QuerySurge Base API
Full DevOps API for dynamic generation, updated & execution
Query Import/Export Add-On
Ready for Analytics: QuerySurge back-end database access
Automate the data testing of your BI reports
Kickoff & initial consultation
Customer Training Portal
Webex support sessions
Weekly consultations with QuerySurge experts
Installation & configuration assistance
Customized performance tuning
Remote troubleshooting