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The Generative Artificial Intelligence Solution
that Simplifies and Speeds Up ETL Testing

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QuerySurges New AI paradigm dramatically increases
ROI with no-code low-code AI solution 

The data validation and ETL testing process is difficult and time-consuming without an automated ETL testing solution like QuerySurge.

Creating tests between source and target data stores requires:

  • Strong SQL skills
  • Lots of time 

Tests can typically only connect to databases or data warehouses – not to other data stores.

And exporting the results of the source and target tests to two Excel spreadsheets and comparing them by eye – also known as stare and compare” — takes an inordinate amount of time and is incredibly inefficient. 

QuerySurge AI

QuerySurges new AI-powered technology is a generative artificial intelligence module that automatically creates data validation tests, including transformational tests, based on data mappings.

QuerySurge AI provides a radical shift in ETL testing. The average data warehouse project has between 250 to 1,500 data mappings and test creation for each mapping requires approximately 1 hour per test. 

With QuerySurge AI, test creation happens in minutes, converting data mappings into tests written in the data store’s native SQL with little to no human intervention from this low-code or no-code solution. 

QuerySurge AI leverages artificial intelligence to automatically convert data mappings into data validation and ETL tests in each data store’s native SQL with extremely high accuracy.


  • Dramatically decreases time to create tests and analyze results
  • Enables increase in data quality due to much faster & more thorough testing cycle
  • Reduces need for skilled tester
  • Facilitates increase in ETL testing coverage to upwards of 100%
  • Allows for redeployment of testing head count

QuerySurge will help you:

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