The DevOps for Data Challenge

Replacing current methods
with new techniques and tools

Technical Challenge

Your Development team needs to validate data in an ETL process when the process is completed. Your Operations team needs to validate the new data EVERY DAY. And both teams need to collaborate on this. How can you solve this?

The QuerySurge DevOps for Data Solution

QuerySurge, the smart data testing solution, makes continuous integration and continuous delivery easy for your development, test and operations teams.

With QuerySurge DevOps for Data, you now have the capability of dynamically generating and updating tests and data stores utilizing API calls.

QuerySurge users can now intelligently drive changes to their QuerySurge test components programmatically without having to manually access the QuerySurge user interface. This will enable a higher percentage of automation into your current data testing practice and a more robust data testing framework.

The Continuous Testing Process

  • The QA team designs and executes QuerySurge tests during the development cycle to provide the development team with quick feedback on each ETL build deployed, helping to pinpoint where defects appear in the code.
  • The Development team utilizes QuerySurge DevOps for Data to build and run unit tests as ETL code is developed, for immediate testing as code is committed, catching issues in the ETL code quickly and reducing remediation costs.
  • The Operations team utilizes QuerySurge DevOps for Data to execute tests automatically - after ETL execution - on a regular daily cycle. Reports that monitor the ETL health are triggered when the tests complete and results are distributed to stakeholders through QuerySurge’s automated email functionality. Issues are automatically identified, flagged, and reported through email alerts.

QuerySurge DevOps for Data integrates with:

  • data integration/ETL solutions
  • automated build/release/delivery solutions
  • test management solutions

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QuerySurge will help you:

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Key API Features

  • Create/modify test queries
  • Create/modify data connections
  • Create/modify/execute test suites
  • Create/modify new staging tables from various data connections
  • Create custom flow controls based on run results
  • Integration with virtually all DevOps solutions in the marketplace

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