Automate the Testing Effort

Fully automate your testing process, from kicking off tests to running a full regression and keeping the team informed.

Technical Challenge

Your test team wrote SQL queries to test data across different legs of the data process. But they need to execute them manually using a SQL editor, dump them into Excel and compare them by eye (this is known as ‘Sampling’). This is process is time-consuming, resource-intensive and inefficient. How can you improve and automate this?

The QuerySurge Solution

QuerySurge, the Data Testing solution designed for testing Big Data, Data Warehouses & the ETL process, can automate the entire process for you and fit nicely into your DevOps strategy.

Here are some of QuerySurge’s key features:

  • Create Test QueryPairs fast & easily without writing any SQL with our Query Wizards
  • Create custom QueryPairs and reusable Query Snippets in our Design Library
  • Compare data from source files & data stores to the target Data Warehouse or Big Data store
  • Compare millions of rows and columns of data in minutes
  • Schedule tests to run (1) immediately, (2) any date/time or (3) automatically after event ends
  • Produce informative reports, view updates and auto-email results to your team

Now Let's Automate:

ETL automation:

  • To automate the entire process for DevOps, have your ETL tool kick off QuerySurge through our command line API after the ETL software completes its load process.
  • QuerySurge will run automatically and unattended, executing all tests and then emailing everyone on the team with results immediately.

Test Management Automation:

  • To automate your process through your Test Management solution, first store all of your tests in your favorite Test Manager (HP’s ALM/QC, Microsoft’s TFS or IBM’s RQM).
  • Next schedule your Test Management solution to automatically kick off QuerySurge through our API.
  • QuerySurge will run unattended, executing all tests and reporting all results to your Test Management solution, including pass/fail results and full details of each individual data failure.

QuerySurge will:

  • improve your data quality & data governance
  • accelerate your data delivery cycles
  • reduce your costs & risks
  • provide a huge ROI

But don’t believe us (or our clients). Try it for yourself.
Check out our free tutorial here>>

QuerySurge, Dev/Ops & Continuous Integration

QuerySurge automation makes your DevOps strategy for continuous delivery easy for your development, test and operations teams.