Leveraging Micro Focus ALM & QuerySurge to test Vertica

Recorded Webinar

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Are you using Micro Focus ALM or Quality Center (QC) for your requirements gathering and test management?

RTTS, an alliance partner of Micro Focus and a member of HPE’s Big Data community, can show you how to use ALM and RTTS’ QuerySurge to effectively manage your data validation & testing of Vertica (or any data warehouse).

You will see in the video & slide deck:

  • a custom view of ALM to store source-to-target mappings
  • data validation tests in QuerySurge
  • The execution of QuerySurge tests from ALM
  • The results of data validation tests stored in ALM
  • custom ALM reports that show data validation coverage of Vertica
  • how we improve your data quality while reducing your costs & risks

Questions about QuerySurge & ALM?
If you would like to know more about integration with ALM, custom mapping requirements, traceability of mappings to tests, custom data coverage reports or anything else ALM please contact us here ⇒>

My Vertica

See Micro Focus’ connection guide on Vertica integration with QuerySurge in the MyVertica Knowledge Base here ⇒