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We just made data testing REALLY EASY!See our robust solution for testingData Warehouses & Big Data withoutneeding advanced technical expertise.

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Fast and easy. No Programming needed.

The latest QuerySurge release introduces the new Query Wizards. The Wizards allow both novice and experienced team members to validate their organization’s data quickly with no SQL programming required.

The Wizards provide an immediate ROI through their ease-of-use and ensure that minimal time and effort are required for developing tests and obtaining results. Even novice testers are productive as soon as they start using the Wizards!

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From a recent poll1 of:

  • Big Data Experts
  • Data Warehouse Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • ETL Architects

Our Question: What % of columns in your Data Warehouse have no transformations at all?

Consensus Answer:
80% of data columns have no transformation at all

1Poll conducted by RTTS on targeted LinkedIn groups

Why is this important to you?

The fact that 80% of columns have no transformations means the Query Wizards can test approximately 80% of your data without you needing to write any SQL code2

The Wizards also:

  • provide novices and non-technical team members with a fast & easy way to be productive immediately
  • speed up testing for team members skilled in SQL

2The percent of data the Query Wizards can test depends on the percent of columns that have no transformation in your data.

3 Types of Data Comparisons:

Column-Level Comparison:
This is great for Big Data stores and Data Warehouses where tables will have some columns containing transformations and some columns with no transformations.

This comparison is for the specific columns with no transformation, which on average make up about 80% of your data. Columns containing transformations will require SQL coding. Many columns and tables can be compared simultaneously and quickly.

Table-Level Comparison:
This comparator is great for Data Migrations and Database Upgrades with no transformations at all. Many tables can be compared simultaneously and quickly.

Row Count Comparison:
Great for all — Big Data stores, Data Warehouses, Data Migrations and Database Upgrades. Many tables can be compared simultaneously and quickly.

The Query Wizards also provide you with automated features for:

  • filtering (‘Where’ clause) and
  • sorting (‘Order By’ clause).

QuerySurge will help you:

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