QuerySurge and snowflake

Partnership assures Data Quality for snowflake customers

Snowflake building

Data Quality and ETL Testing Solutions for snowflake Customers

QuerySurge, leading data validation & ETL testing solution ensures that data extracted from sources remains intact in the target snowflake data lake by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly.

QuerySurge validates data movement from on-premises data stores to snowflake in the cloud. QuerySurge is a member of the snowflake partner alliance.

QuerySurge helps you: 

  • Automate the testing effort.  From the execution of tests to the comparison of all data in snowflake to emailing the results to your team. More ⇒
  • No coding needed. Smart Query Wizards match up tables and columns visually and create the SQL for you. More ⇒
  • Create custom tests. Modularize functions with snippets, set thresholds, stage data, check data types. More ⇒
  • Test across different platforms. Including from Hadoop or NoSQL data stores, Data Warehouses, traditional databases, flat files, XML, web services, json files, Excel or mainframe files into a snowflake data lake. More ⇒
  • DevOps for Data and Continuous Delivery. RESTful & CLI API integration with all Build/Release, CI/CD, ETL , Operational Monitoring, Test Management/Issue Tracking solutions. More ⇒

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