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  • What is QuerySurge?

    Learn about the collaborative data quality software that finds bad data & provides a holistic view of your data's health

    QuerySurge helps your team coordinate your data quality initiatives while speeding up your development & testing cycles and finding your bad data.

    QuerySurge was built specifically to automate the testing of data, whether in data warehouses, Hadoop, NoSQL document stores, databases, files or xml. QuerySurge ensures that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target systems by analyzing and pinpointing up to 100% of all data differences quickly while providing real-time and historical view of your data’s health over time.

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    Challenges we Solve

    QuerySurge helps you:

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    Roles & Uses

    There are 5 major roles that QuerySurge supports. They are:

    • Testers
    • Developers
    • Operations teams
    • Analysts
    • Managers

    You can implement the following types of testing with QuerySurge:

    • functional testing
    • regression testing
    • continuous integration testing
    • unit testing
    • operational monitoring

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    Supported Environments

    QuerySurge supports the following data environments:

    • Data warehouses
    • Hadoop
    • NoSQL document stores
    • Databases
    • Excel
    • XML
    • flat files

    See more information about specific technology we support.

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    QuerySurge will:

    • Improve your data quality
    • Reduce your costs & risks
    • Share data health information with your team

    See more about Data Health.


    But don’t believe us (or our clients). Try it for yourself.

    Our 3-day Trial in the Cloud includes a self-learning tutorial that works with our sample data.

    Our 15-day downloaded Trial includes a self-learning tutorial with sample data and also allows you to test against your data.

    Our 30-day Proof of Concept (POC) includes a kickoff & setup meeting and weekly meetings with our team of experts to ensure your success with your data.

    Need help deciding? Compare your trial options here.

    YouTube Video

    What is QuerySurge?

    See a brief video overview of QuerySurge, and learn about how it works and what challenges it can help you overcome.