QuerySurge is Ready for IBM Data and AI

QuerySurge is an inaugural member of IBM’s technical validation program

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QuerySurge verified for Ready for IBM Data and AI program

QuerySurge has been named an inaugural partner of Ready for IBM Data and AI technical validation program and has been verified as a key solution for testing IBM Analytics.

Qs ready for ibm data and ai

The Ready for IBM Data and AI technical validation program is designed to guide software and hardware partners through the steps needed to convey confidence that IBM and partner solutions interoperate as designed.

RTTS, the developers of QuerySurge, is an IBM Partner and has been a member of the IBM partner ecosystem since 2003.

QuerySurge is the smart Data Testing solution that automates the data validation & testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, and Business Intelligence Reports. QuerySurge ensures that the data extracted from data sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly.

QuerySurge also helps you validate your data after you migrate from:

  • another vendor to the IBM platform or
  • from IBM on-premises to the IBM Cloud.

IBM Integration

QuerySurge seamlessly integrates with IBM’s technologies for simple installation, configuration & testing and supports the following IBM data stores:

  • Db2 Warehouse (formerly DashDB)
  • BigInsight
  • Big SQL
  • Db2
  • PureData System (Netezza)
  • Cloudant
  • Informix
  • Cognos

RTTS, the parent company of QuerySurge, has successfully implemented QA & Testing solutions for 700+ customers since 1996. We can help you also. For more about the RTTS/IBM partnership, visit RTTS’ web site here ⇒

QuerySurge helps you:

  • Test across different platforms, including Data Warehouse, Hadoop or NoSQL data stores, traditional databases, flat files, XML, web services, json files, or mainframe files. More ⇒
  • Automate the testing effort from the execution of tests to the comparison of all data to emailing the results to your team. More ⇒
  • No coding needed, thanks to our Query Wizards, which allow you to match up tables and columns visually and have the SQL created for you. More ⇒
  • Integrate for Continuous Delivery (DevOps). QuerySurge integrates with most Build, Configuration, ETL, and Test Management solutions. More ⇒
  • Integrate with the premier Test Management Solutions to, drive execution and see pass/fail results. See more here ⇒

Learn more about QuerySurge here ⇒

Learn more about Ready for IBM Data and AI

The QuerySurge solution for IBM Data and AI is available for download or for trial in the cloud below.