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The growing variety of new data sources is pushing organizations to look for streamlined ways to manage data complexities and get the most out of their data-related investments. And that is why they are turning to Hadoop to help them with their big data. The companies that manage their data complexities correctly are realizing the power of leveraging Hadoop for business expansion and growth.

  • 100% of enterprises will adopt Hadoop in the next 24 months”

    - Forrester
  • 19.2% of Big Data developers say quality of data is the biggest problem they consistently face”

    - Evans Data
  • The average organization loses $14.2 million annually through poor Data Quality”

    - Gartner

It is disturbing in that enterprises are adopting Hadoop to solve their big data explosion while data quality is a growing problem. Data Quality practices are not finding the bad data that exists in their data. This is a problem that needs to be solved.

Qs hadoop testing solution

QuerySurge - The Hadoop Testing Solution

QuerySurge, the leader in automated Hadoop testing, will validate up to 100% of your data, increase your testing speed, boost your data coverage and improve the level of data quality within your Hadoop store.

QuerySurge is the leading Hadoop testing solution that finds bad data and provides a holistic view of your data’s health. It ensures that the data you extract from your data sources remains intact in your target Hadoop implementation by analyzing and quickly pinpointing any differences in your data at every touch point.

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Qs hadoop alliance partnerships

QuerySurge Hadoop Alliance Partnerships

QuerySurge has formed partnerships with many of the Hadoop vendors to assure that we integrate with all versions of Hadoop and add-on technologies as they become available. We have also partnered with the best System Integrators and Consulting Firms to assure our clients of high quality implementation and product expertise in implementing a Hadoop testing project.

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