QuerySurge and Teradata

Partnership assures Data Quality for Teradata Customers

Data Quality Solution for Teradata Customers

QuerySurge is the leading data validation and testing solution built specifically to automate the testing of data warehouses and big data, ensuring that the data extracted from data sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly.

QuerySurge provides Teradata customers with a surefire way of assuring the quality of their data once they implement the Teradata data warehouse platform. We built the leading commercial testing tool for automating regression and unit testing and operational monitoring of the ETL process, which is a great complement to Teradata's data warehouse and big data solutions. Our goal is to provide Teradata customers with assurance that their data, after it has gone through the ETL process, is clean.

QuerySurge helps you:

  • Test across different platforms, including Data Warehouse, Hadoop or NoSQL data stores, traditional databases, flat files, XML, web services, json files, or mainframe files. More>>
  • Automate the testing effort from the execution of tests to the comparison of all data to emailing the results to your team. More>>
  • No coding needed, thanks to our Query Wizards, which allow you to match up tables and columns visually and have the SQL created for you. More>>
  • Integrate for Continuous Delivery (DevOps). QuerySurge integrates with most Build, Configuration, ETL, and Test Management solutions. More>>
  • Integrate with the premier Test Management Solutions to, drive execution and see pass/fail results. See more here>>

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The QuerySurge solution for Teradata customers is available as a free download or for trial in the cloud below.