QuerySurge Introduces Partnership with Teradata to Provide Customers with More Confidence in Data Assets

Automated data validation and testing solution assures mutual customers of data quality.

Automated data validation and testing solution assures mutual customers of data quality

The new partnership between QuerySurge, the premier automated data testing solution for big data, and Teradata, the leading analytic data solutions company, provides customers with the ability to assure the quality of their valuable data assets.

QuerySurge is built specifically to automate the testing of data warehouses and big data stores, ensuring that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly. This is critical, since poor data quality costs organizations an average of $14.2 million annually, per a Gartner survey.

The partnership we are introducing today can provide our mutual customers and prospects with the ability to validate data when moving from a competitor’s offering to Teradata or when moving or transforming data from source files and databases to your Teradata software,” said Bill Hayduk, CEO for QuerySurge’s parent company, RTTS. This is critical for organizations, since strategic decisions mined from their BI and analytics efforts assume that the underlying data is accurate and has not been corrupted during the ETL or migration process.”

QuerySurge makes it easy for both novices and experienced team members to validate their organization’s data quickly through Query Wizards while still allowing power users the flexibility they need to handle complex transformations. QuerySurge identifies data issues such as duplicate records, transformation logic errors, record count mismatches, data type mismatches and many other issues.

QuerySurge can test across different platforms, whether a big data lake, data warehouse, traditional database, NoSQL document store, flat files, JSON files, SOAP or restful web services, xml, mainframe files or any other data store. And QuerySurge fits well into teams’ DevOps strategies by providing continuous delivery through integration with most build, configuration management, ETL & QA management solutions.

According to Håkan Andersson, Senior Program Manager for Swedbank AB, QuerySurge is used by Swedbank for testing its new Group Data Warehouse solution, which resides on Teradata. QuerySurge integrates well with Swedbank’s DevOps approach, helping us achieve comprehensive end-to-end test coverage across multiple technical platforms in multiple test environments, improving our overall test efficiency and leading to considerable cost savings.”

By working with leading partners like QuerySurge, Teradata continues to provide a choice of integrated solutions for mutual customers. And QuerySurge has become the unquestioned leader in the data testing space, with almost 100 enterprise customers in 16 different countries and a global partner ecosystem.

Teradata understands the importance of data quality as more businesses become data-driven and rely on advanced analytics to support business foresight and positive outcomes,” said Sean Slack, Vice president, Teradata Global Alliances / Global Learning & Education. We look forward to working with QuerySurge in a marketplace where the quality of data can truly enhance the quality of customer relationships.”

The QuerySurge team will be at the Teradata Partner Conference in Anaheim, CA from October 22 – 26. Please visit us in the Exhibitor Hall at booth #635.

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