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QuerySurge / Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Integration

SAP BusinessObjects Report To Database Validation

How to compare a Cognos report to a database using QuerySurge

Validating a Tableau business rule in QuerySurge

Comparing one Tableau report to another in QuerySurge

Comparing a Tableau report to a database using QuerySurge

How to create a Tableau connection in QuerySurge

QuerySurge Thresholding

Column Comparison Thresholding in QuerySurge

QuerySurge's Query Wizard Tutorial

See our solution for testing Data Warehouses & Big Data without programming.

Creating A User In QuerySurge

Learn how to create a user in QuerySurge by viewing our instructional video tutorial.

QuerySurge SQLServer Connection

See how to create a Microsoft SQL Server connection with QuerySurge.

Oracle Connection to QuerySurge

Learn how to make a connection from Oracle to QuerySurge.

Connection Extensibility
- Cloudera and others

This tutorial shows how to connect to technologies that are not included in our connection wizard.

Adjusting Heap Size

See how to adjust the heap size for the QuerySurge application server and agents to increase performance.

Advanced Flat File Setup

How to set up QuerySurge to connect to and test flat files.

Flat File - Delimited connection

This tutorial shows how to connect QuerySurge to delimited flat files.

Flat File - Fixed Width connection

This tutorial shows how to connect QuerySurge to Fixed With flat files.

Multi-environment handling

This tutorial shows how to test data between various environments, such as development, QA, staging or production.

Setting up an XML connection

This tutorial shows how to connect QuerySurge to XML files.

BI Report Testing Webinar

QuerySurge has developed the new BI Tester add-on to provide a successful approach to solving the problem of testing the data embedded in these BI reports.

QuerySurge: a Guided Tour

Our new 14-minute video demonstrates the main features that make QuerySurge the leading big data testing solution.

Leveraging HPE ALM &
QuerySurge to test HPE Vertica

Are you using HPE ALM or Quality Center (QC) for your requirements gathering and test management?

Automated Big Data Testing
without writing code

Testing of Hadoop, NoSQL and Data Warehouses Visually.

QuerySurge 2015: a 9-minute tour

Our new 9-minute demo of QuerySurge 2015 and some of its important features.

What Is QuerySurge?

See a brief video overview explaining what QuerySurge is, why you would use it, and how it works.

Automated Testing of Hadoop

Stepping Up To The Big Data Challenge In 2014 - Learn why Testing is pivotal to the success of your Big Data Strategy in 2014.

What's a Data Warehouse
and How Do I Test It?

A primer for testers on Data Warehouses, ETL, Business Intelligence and how to test them.

Ensuring MongoDB Data Quality

A modern, optimized testing strategy is pivotal for success with big data and MongoDB.

Improve the Health of your Data

How healthy is your data? Unlike data quality, data health is a multi-dimensional indicator of the integrity and effectiveness of your organization's most valuable asset.

Webinar: Data Interface Testing

Need to test data that goes from external files and DBs into your data base or data warehouse? Catch Those "Hard-To-Find" Data Defects with QuerySurge.

Data Migration Test Automation

What Is The #1 Reason Why Many Data Migration Projects Fail? Failure to validate and test throughout the data migration process.

The Story Of QuerySurge

Created by members of the QuerySurge team, hear video interviews from various team members about QuerySurge's development.

ETL Testing: How to Achieve
100% Data Validation

Step through a day in the life of an ETL tester who's using an automated testing tool.

QuerySurge: 7-Minute Demo
of ETL Testing tool

He shares the benefits of QuerySurge, the only test tool built for automating testing of the ETL process.

Find Bad Data while
Meeting FDA Requirements

Learn how to automate the testing of your data warehouse while easily meeting regulatory compliance requirements in your data warehousing projects.

QuerySurge – The Data Wizards:
No programming required

No coding? No problem! Here is a brief video on QuerySurge's new SQL creation wizards.

Streamline your Data Warehouse Development & Testing Efforts

Learn how to integrate ETL development, data warehouse testing, and operational monitoring activities with one application.

Build Quality into your Data Warehousing Strategy

Learn how to increase the level of quality within your data warehouse with one application.

New Features in QuerySurge 2013

From automated email notifications, to our new command line interface, to defining primary keys.

QuerySurge - Data Warehouse
Testing Tool from RTTS

Bill Hayduk, the President and Founder of RTTS, introduces QuerySurge, and talks about using it for ETL and Data Warehouse testing.