QuerySurge and Cloudera

Partnership assures Data Quality for Cloudera Customers

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Data Quality Solution for Cloudera Customers

QuerySurge is the smart Data Testing solution that automates data validation of Big Data, Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence reports with full DevOps functionality for continuous testing. QuerySurge’s official launch was in 2012 and we have now grown to 120+ customers in 17 different countries since then.

QuerySurge is a member of the Cloudera Partnership network and has been verified as Cloudera certified.

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QuerySurge helps you:

  • Test across different platforms, whether a Big Data lake, Data Warehouse, traditional database, NoSQL document store, BI reports, flat files, Excel, JSON files, SOAP or restful web services, xml, mainframe files, or any other data store. More ⇒
  • Automate the testing effort, from the automated execution of tests to performing the validation to automated emailing the results to your team and updating your test management solution. More ⇒
  • Fast & easy test creation with no coding needed, using our Smart Wizards to provide both novices and experienced team members with the ability to easily and quickly validate their data without coding. More ⇒
  • Integrate for Continuous Delivery using QuerySurge DevOps for Data and its 100+ API calls to dynamically generate, execute, and update tests and data stores. QuerySurge integrates with virtually every DevOps solution in the market. More ⇒
  • Analyze your data with our Data Analytics Dashboard & Data Intelligence Reports that provide insight into the quality your data. More ⇒

Learn more about QuerySurge here ⇒

The QuerySurge solution for Cloudera customers is available as a free download or for trial in the cloud below.