QuerySurge for Consultancies Partnership

Bundle QuerySurge with your services to create a complete Data Testing Solution for your Customers

Sg consulting partnership

Does your Consultancy offer any of these enterprise testing solutions to your clients?

  • Data Warehouse testing
  • Big Data testing
  • Data Interface testing
  • Data Migration testing
  • Database Upgrade testing

QuerySurge has a solution offering for you.

Become a QuerySurge for Consultancies Partner and bundle QuerySurge in your automated data testing solution. You can offer QuerySurge software with your services to create an automated data validation and testing solution

How Your Customer Benefits::

  • Accelerated testing cycles
  • Improved data quality with reduced risks
  • Shared information with team
  • Their engagement is much more successful

How Your Benefit::

  • A huge differentiator from competitors
  • Redeployment of resources

Usage Model:

We are offering QuerySurge as a subscription model to System Integrators, and Consulting firms.

Subscription Model:

  • You have the right to use the software for a fixed period of time
  • New users can be added as needed
  • We provide you with technical support, bug fixes, and upgrades during your subscription
  • At the end of the timeframe, you can choose to renew the subscription term.

License Types

Full User – This type of user has unlimited access to everything. Perfect for anyone creating and/or running data tests while performing analysis of results. Perfect for testers, developers, operations or anyone else creating and running tests.

Participant User – This user cannot create or run tests, but has access to all other information. This includes viewing test queries & results, running reports, viewing and modifying dashboards, receiving email notifications, and exporting test results. Perfect for managers, analysts, architects, DBAs, developers, and operations users who need to know the health of their data.

Broaden your testing services and increase your brand by joining a QuerySurge Partnership now. To start the process, please fill out the form on the right.