What’s New in QuerySurge 9.0

Our new release provides great new features, including Microsoft Power BI Testing, Asset Tagging, Agent Docker Support, and New QuerySurge Administrator Certification!

Querysurge hands

QuerySurge is the smart Data Testing solution that automates the data validation and testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, BI Reports and Enterprise Applications with full DevOps functionality for continuous testing.

Microsoft Power BI Testing

QuerySurge will now support the validation of reports written for Microsoft Power BI. Queries can be written against Power BI reports to validate metrics contained within to other reports or databases. Learn More >

Microsoft Power BI Testing

Asset Tagging​

Asset tagging allows for adding tags to QueryPairs, Snippets, Staging Queries, Test Suites and Scenarios. Tagging enhances users search ability as well as filtering on reports. Learn More >

Asset Tagging​

Agent Docker Support​

QuerySurge Agents can be deployed as a Docker container, which allows for flexible Agent environments and the ability to run multiple Agents on a single machine. Learn More >

View QuerySurge on dockerhub here >


New QuerySurge Administrator Certification

Learn, Earn and Inform.

Learn ETL Testing, earn your digital badge and inform your social community. Training courses, certification exams & badges are free to our customers & partners. 

Our newest certification is Certified Administrator. QuerySurge Certified Administrators have a deep understanding of how to administer QuerySurge. Certified Administrators have demonstrated the ability to set up projects, manage users and agents, and configure QuerySurge server settings.

Read more here >

QuerySurge Administrator Certification

Additional QuerySurge 9.0 New Features​

  • Connection Wizard support for Snowflake & PostgreSQL
  • New RESTful API Additions
    • Get Project List (Global)​
    • Get Agent List (Global)​
    • Get Agent List (Project)​
    • Delete Agent (Global)​
    • Get Asset Tag (Project)​
    • Get Asset Tag List (Project)​
    • Create Asset Tag (Project)
    • Rename Asset Tag (Project)
    • Delete Asset Tag (Project)​
  • Explicit Run Cancellation
  • Global System Configuration Report

For more information on QuerySurge version 9.0, read our release notes in the QuerySurge Knowledge Base here >