Data Migration Testing

Easily Validate & Test the Data Migration Process

Migrating data has become one of the most challenging initiatives for IT managers. Although these projects yield high business benefits (such as cost savings, increased productivity, and improved data manageability), they tend to involve a high level of risk due to the volume and criticality of the data.

In order to reduce risk and ensure that the data has been migrated and transformed, you need to implement a thorough validation and QA strategy. QuerySurge helps you test your data quickly and easily. 

The Wizards: Fast & Easy. No Coding Needed.

The latest QuerySurge release introduces Query Wizards into the product. The Query Wizards help the database team validate data with no coding required. They speed up the validation process dramatically and simplify the workload. The Wizards are useful for:

  • Quickly verifying table-to-table compares, validating hundreds of tables in minutes
  • Confirming that all rows have come over without issue and verifying row counts
  • Performing any necessary column-to-column compares

See more about how the Query Wizards work.

Testing the Transformations (ETL)

For tables with transformations, you can create QueryPairs in our Design Library - one aimed at the existing system and one at the new system. You can run queries any time, by scheduling them for a particular time & date or after an event through our API. Reports can then be automatically sent to your team. Learn about everything you can accomplish.

Supported Data Sources

QuerySurge supports databases, data marts, data warehouses, Hadoop, and flat files as either sources or targets. See a full list of supported environments and more about QuerySurge.

QuerySurge will:

  • improve your data quality & data governance
  • accelerate your data delivery cycles
  • reduce your costs & risks
  • provide a huge ROI

But don’t believe us (or our clients). Try it for yourself. Check out our free tutorial here>>