What's New in QuerySurge 5.2 & 5.3

Our new release provides great features focused on optimizing performance.

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Our new release provides great new features. Here are the top 2:

  • 1) Upgrade to the new MySQL 5.7 database that provides 125% increase in performance/speed
  • 2) Performance Analysis in the Design Time Runs allows users to see where the processing time is spent on each test.

New, High-Performing Engine

The big feature here is about performance. QuerySurge gained a 125% increase in query pair processing speed during our performance benchmark tests.

The enhancements in the architecture of MySQL 5.7 as compared to MySQL 5.5 resulted in greater CPU utilization, better RAM utilization and significantly less disk space required. If you would like to see our benchmark tests, contact your QuerySurge sales representative.

More information about Oracle MySQL 5.7 can be found here»

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Enhanced Design-Time Run Performance View

This feature provides a graphical view of the runtime events for Design-Time Runs. This helps the user see/understand what QuerySurge is doing during the run and determines where the time is spent: (1) extracting data from the source, (2) extracting data from the target, or (3) the analysis/comparison of data. You can see the details of the time for each component with a mouse-over the bars. The benefits here is you can determine whether there are bottlenecks in your network (1 & 2) or whether your QuerySurge instance is performing optimally (3).

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To learn more about this feature, the full article can be found here ⇒

The new features in QuerySurge can be found as a download on the QuerySurge Yammer Network or in the trial installation on our web site. If you would like someone on our support team to discuss this upgrade with you or would like assistance performing this upgrade, please contact your QuerySurge account rep and they will schedule the upgrade meeting at your convenience. Or try it for yourself.

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