What’s New in QuerySurge 10.2

Our new release provides great new features, including SSO Authentication​, CSP Headers, ClickJack Prevention, Disabled Mime Sniffing, and more!

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What’s New in QuerySurge 10.2

QuerySurge is the smart Data Testing solution that automates the Data Validation and ETL testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, BI Reports and Enterprise Applications with full DevOps functionality for continuous testing.

Feature updates

Single Sign-On Authentication​

This new feature authenticates QuerySurge user credentials through your company’s SSO provider. QuerySurge currently supports offerings from Okta, Azure Active Directory and Google Cloud.

Learn more about using Single Sign-On authentication with your QuerySurge instance here >

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QuerySurge 10.2 Security Enhancements​

In the latest QuerySurge release we have made these security enhancements: 

Qs security enhancements
    • Content Security Policy (CSP) Headers
      • Include CSP headers on all QuerySurge requests. CSP headers inform browsers what are safe sources of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Images.​
      • This helps to mitigate the possibility of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) based attacks.
    • ClickJack Prevention
      • Added SAMEORIGIN header to all requests to prevent QuerySurge from being embedded in an IFRAME.​
    • Disabled Mime Sniffing
      • Add NOSNIFF header to all requests.
      • Mime Sniffing occurs when browsers guess a file type based on its extension if a type is not returned by a site.
      • As QuerySurge returns all types, enabling sniffing is not needed. Mime sniffing can pose a potential security risk if a file which has no type is incorrectly identified by the browser.

You can read the full release notes for QuerySurge 10.2 here >

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