QuerySurge AI: The Generative AI Solution
that Simplifies and Speeds Up ETL Testing​

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Introducing QuerySurge AI

From: Wednesday, June 28th at 12:30 pm EST

Watch a replay of our webinar about QuerySurge AI, a new paradigm that provides a radical shift in ETL testing by leveraging artificial intelligence through its no-code low-code solution.

30 mins timer

Session Overview

During this webinar, we covered the following topics, showcasing the features of QuerySurge AI:

  • How to utilize QuerySurge AI to fully automate the test development process
  • How to quickly convert data mapping documents with complex logic transformations from plain text into data validation tests in the data store’s native SQL with little to no human intervention
  • How QuerySurge AI automatically injects these tests into QuerySurge folders, ready for execution
  • How quickly these test can be run to completion

The Goal

Gain valuable insights into how QuerySurge AI can benefit your organization, including:

  • A dramatic reduction in test development time through artificial intelligence
  • Reduced skillset needed for test creation
  • A massive increase in ROI

For more information on QuerySurge AI, please click here.