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    Explore what you can accomplish by using QuerySurge in your projects.

    What is QuerySurge?

    QuerySurge™ provides companies with the ability to test 100% of their data throughout the ETL process. It automates the comparison of large volumes of data to ensure data validation, saving data warehouse QA project teams countless hours of manual testing work, and streamlining the workflow process for easy project tracking.

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    QuerySurge provides users with valuable features, such as scheduling and reporting to make the ETL testing process as seamless as possible.

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    Defects We Find

    Here, you will find descriptions of common defects that QuerySurge pinpoints in your data warehouse projects. Using QuerySurge allows your team to implement a strong, repeatable regression testing strategy to avoid the adverse impact that any of these defects can cause in your data warehouse and, ultimately, your Business Intelligence.

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    Licensing & Pricing Options

    Unlike traditional enterprise software vendors, we are trying to make everything about QuerySurge as simple and transparent as possible. And that is why we have decided to expose our pricing and our reasoning behind it.

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    Proven ROI

    QuerySurge returns 1,660% over 3 years! With the assistance of our client, we were able to gather metrics to show the ROI of QuerySurge vs. testing without a data warehouse testing tool.

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    Roles & Uses

    See the details of the testing, development, operational, and analyst roles that benefit from using QuerySurge, and the different processes that can be improved for each.

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    Product Architecture

    The QuerySurge architecture integrates with your existing Data Warehouse architecture to test data throughout the ETL process. See a diagram and read about each piece of the architecture.

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    Browse some of the most commonly asked questions about QuerySurge to find answers.

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    Video Library

    Explore videos created by our team to help you learn more about QuerySurge, ETL testing, Bad Data, Data Warehouse testing, and Data Quality.

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    Compare Trial Options

    We offer 3 ways for you to experience QuerySurge: a free trial download, our hosted Sandbox environment, or a 30-day PoC Evaluation.

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    YouTube Video

    What is QuerySurge?

    See a brief video overview of QuerySurge, and learn about how it works and what challenges it can help you overcome.