DevOps & Continuous Testing

Deliver Validated Data in your DevOps Initiatives on a Continuous Basis

Technical Challenge

Your Development team needs to validate data in an ETL process when the process is completed. Your Operations team needs to validate the new data EVERY DAY. And both teams need to collaborate on this. How can you solve this?

The QuerySurge Solution

QuerySurge, the data testing tool designed specifically for automating the testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, and BI Reports, makes workload collaboration and continuous delivery easy for your development, test and operations teams.


  1. The QA team writes and executes Tests during the development cycle to give the development team quick feedback on each ETL build deployed during development, helping to pinpoint where defects appear in the code.
  2. The Development team uses QuerySurge to build and run Unit tests as ETL code is developed, for immediate testing as code is committed in the development environment, catching issues in their code quickly, which reduces remediation costs to the project.
  3. The Operations team runs tests on a regular daily cycle that start automatically after the ETL process ends, using QuerySurge’s execution API. Reports that monitor the ETL health at a glance are triggered when the Tests complete and are distributed to stakeholders through QuerySurge’s automated email functionality. Issues are quickly identified and flagged.
  4. Automation of Integration happens through QuerySurge’s API. When the task at hand is completed the ETL software or automated build software launches QuerySurge unattended. Therefore, no waiting around for the test team to launch the tool.
  5. Automated Build Tools: A-A-P, Ant, AnthillPro, Automated BuildStudio, Bamboo, Buildr, Capistrano, CMake, Continuum, CruiseControl, ElectricCommander, FinalBuilder, Gradle, Jenkins, Leiningen, make, Maven, MPW Make, MSBuild, NAnt, nmake, Open Build Service, Perforce Jam, Rake, sbt (Simple Build Tool), SBuild, SCons, Shake, Tweaker, Visual Build, Waf
  6. ETL Tools: Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), SAP Data Services, IBM Infosphere Information Server/Datastage, IBM Infosphere Warehouse Edition, SAS Data Management, PowerCenter Informatica, Elixir Repertoire for Data ETL, Data Migrator (IBI), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Talend Studio for Data Integration, Sagent Data Flow, Pervasive Data Integrator, Open Text Integration Center, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Cognos Data Manager, CloverETL, Centerprise Data Integrator, Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), Adeptia Integration Server, Syncsort DMX, QlikView Expressor, Relational Junction ETL Manager (Sesame Software), Ab Initio, Alteryx, Microstrategy

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Data Health Dashboard and Deep Dive Reporting

QuerySurge provides insight into your data with Data Health Dashboard and automated email reports. You can easily see and report on trends in both your data and your team's performance. Drill down into high-level information or get detail for a specific day, or about a specific test. Automatically email the reports you choose a to everyone who needs to see them.

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