Challenges We Solve

Companies rely on QuerySurge as their solution to Big Data & Data Warehouse testing challenges.

Finding Bad Data In Big Data

The project is a huge volume, Big Data implementation. Your sampling techniques and row count strategies barely scratch the surface of coverage and you need to validate much, much, more to reduce your risk of Bad Data. See how to achieve full coverage and validate up to 100% of all data. Learn more about how we can help find bad data

Automate The Testing Effort

Your testers are spending a huge amount of time performing manual data validation. Making sense of the data is time consuming and reporting is non-existent. Understand how QuerySurge can fully automate your testing process, from kicking off tests to running a full regression to keeping the team informed. Learn more about how we can help automate the testing effort

Testing Across Different Platforms

Your source data resides in fixed width and delimited files and in databases from various vendors. You target data warehouse is from yet another vendor. How can you test this? Learn how QuerySurge solves this issue. Learn more about how we can help you test across different platforms

View And Share Test Results

You ran your manual tests and performed data compares on thousands of rows of data containing millions of data sets. Now comes the hard part - how do you produce shareable reports that make sense of all of the data compares and that show the amount of coverage you have? Find out how QuerySurge solves this quickly and easily. Learn more about how you can view and share test results

Speed Up Testing

Your manual testing effort requires lots of time, lots of resources, runs slowly and slows down the data warehouse that it is testing against. You need a way to make the testing go faster, both to shorten the time it takes to test and to use less of your valuable resources to perform these tests. Discover how to speed up your testing with QuerySurge. Learn more about how we can help you speed up your testing

DevOps & Continuous Integration

Your development team needs to validate data in an ETL process when the process is completed. Your operations team needs to validate the new data EVERY DAY. And both teams need to collaborate on this. See how you can solve this. Learn more about QuerySurge, DevOps and Continuous Integration