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Enterprise Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing: The Data Quality Conundrum

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Summary of the Report

RTTS recently performed a study of over 200 companies interested in improving the data quality of their Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects.

Our firm interviewed IT executives, data architects, ETL developers, data analysts and data warehouse testers to determine the state of the industry and current practices as they relate to data quality.

Highlights from the research:

  • Oracle dominates the data warehouse industry with 42% of all installs.
  • IBM is the leader in BI tools, with IBM Cognos owning 22% of the industry.
  • Microsoft (22%) shockingly passed Informatica (19%) in the ETL tools section, but open source and home-grown tools (25%) are ahead of Microsoft.
  • The majority of data warehouse installs (33%) are between 1 and 100 terabytes.
  • 60% of companies surveyed test their data manually.

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