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QuerySurge Free Tutorial
Want to learn the hottest tool in the testing industry? Automated Big Data testing with QuerySurge.
The best way to start learning about QuerySurge is to go through the free, built-in tutorial. The Tutorial takes about 60 minutes to go through & everyone is capable of completing it. The Tutorial walks you through everything - there are no special technical skills & knowledge needed.
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VIDEO: Leveraging HPE ALM & QuerySurge to test Big Data
See how our team utilized HPE’s ALM (or Quality Center) and QuerySurge to effectively manage your data validation & testing of Vertica (or any Big Data store).
• See how we built a custom view of ALM to store source-to-target mappings
• Watch the execution QuerySurge tests from ALM
• View results of data validation tests stored in ALM
• See our custom ALM reports that show data testing coverage vs. mappings
• Learn how we improve your data quality and accelerate your data delivery cycles while reducing your costs & risks
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QuerySurge Customer Training Portal
Designed to help your team with everything you need to know to succeed with QuerySurge
The QuerySurge Customer Portal has been designed to provide you with everything you need to learn & grow in your use of QuerySurge, including:
• self-paced training program
• the latest release information
• system information
• marketing collateral
• help center
All on the leading data validation & testing solution
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