What's New in QuerySurge 6.2
QuerySurge, the industry-leading data validation & testing solution, has a new release! Our 6.2 release provides great new features, including more BI Tester support, a new performance monitoring report, and improved data management.
Additional BI Vendor Support for QuerySurge BI Tester
QuerySurge’s latest release of BI Tester Add-On now provides connectors for the following vendors:
  • IBM Cognos
  • Tableau
  • SAP Business Objects
  • Microstrategy
BI Tester provides a successful approach to solving the problem of testing the data embedded in these BI tools and is a fully automated end-to-end solution for testing from data sources through the Big Data lake to the Data Warehouse/Data Mart to BI and Analytics reports.
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In-Depth Performance Reports
The big feature here is about the performance of your QuerySurge system. Monitor your CPU, RAM, and Disk space on your database server, app server, and agent boxes or VMs. Discover any bottlenecks and unclog them to speed up your environment for optimal system performance.
This report, along with the Design Time Run Performance View, which shows where the processing is being performed on a run (the source systems, target systems, and QuerySurge comparisons), provides all the information needed to understand and optimize your system’s performance.
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Data Management
Settings are now available that allow QuerySurge administrators to determine the level of result data to be stored at runtime. The following options are available:
  • Save All Query Results
  • Save Only Failures
  • Discard All Results
More information can be found here →
Additional Features
  • Duplicate Row Options: Performance enhancements for Duplicate Row Handling
  • Micro Focus Vertica Database JDBC Drivers now bundled
  • Apache Drill - added JDBC URL parameter to define char column width
  • Dremio - added JDBC URL parameter to define char column width
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