QuerySurge is now
in the Azure Cloud!
New offering assures Data Validation & Testing anywhere, anytime with flexible environment
Data Quality Solution for the Cloud
The QuerySurge/Azure offering solves one of the biggest challenges that our customers face - procuring the optimal environment for QuerySurge. Other benefits include:
• Increased speed of deployment
• Flexible scalability
• Availability in 36 regions around the world
• Fully integrated development & delivery apps
• Disaster Recovery
• Flexible & manageable costs
• Enterprise-level security
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Test Drive:
Take a free 15-day test drive in the Azure Cloud
Customers can access our pre-built Test Drive experience: a hands-on, self-guided trial of QuerySurge's key features and benefits being demonstrated in a real-world implementation scenario. Go through our tutorial with sample data or connect it to your data to see how QuerySurge can help you.
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QuerySurge - Azure Resources
Below are additional resources for using QuerySurge in Azure:
How to create a QuerySurge VM in Azure
How to expand QuerySurge disk space on Azure
About the QuerySurge tutorial
More about QuerySurge and Azure
QuerySurge: A Guided Tour
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Customer Training Portal
Our Customer Training Portal has been designed to help get your team up and running quickly. And its free! more>>
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