QuerySurge Webinar: Build Quality into your Data Warehousing Strategy

Webinar - Build Quality into your Data Warehousing Strategy

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Build Quality into your Data Warehousing Strategy

Live Webinar:
Build Quality into Your Data Warehousing Strategy

Learn how to increase the level of quality within your data warehouse with one application.
You will hear about:

+  Testing your data across different sources and technologies

+  Validating the quality of data within your data warehouse

+  Achieving quality and efficiency throughout the data warehouse development cycle

+  New features in QuerySurge 2013, including email notifications, command line interface, and primary keys

+  Details about the architecture and functionality of the tool

Event Details
Date:   Thursday, April 25th
Time:   1:00 PM EDT
Duration:   1 hour
Location:   Online WebEx
Presenter:   Jeff Bocarsly,
VP & Senior Architect
Photo of Jeff Bocarsly

About QuerySurge

QuerySurge™ is the only testing tool built to automate the testing of Data Warehouses and the ETL process. It gives you the ability to streamline data warehouse development, implement a repeatable regression strategy, and perform operational monitoring in your data warehousing projects.

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