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Create Event-Based Email Notifications, Access QuerySurge from the Command Line, and Define Primary Keys

The latest release of QuerySurge includes anticipated new features, building upon the robust functionality of the original product. These new features help streamline all the ways your organization can use QuerySurge - ETL Testing, ETL Development, Operational Monitoring and Data Analysis activities.

+  Email Notifications: Create event-based triggers within QuerySurge that will automatically send custom email notifications to specified users or user groups containing results information.
+  Command Line Access: Users can now access QuerySurge functions directly from the command line. This can be used for situations such as automating test runs from a Continuous Integration (CI) system, or systematically controlling which tests should run based on the results of previously run tests.
+  Primary Keys: Users can explicitly define which columns to use as Key columns. This allows QuerySurge to to return a more detailed analysis of the data.

VIDEO: See the new features in action

See our video walkthrough of the newest features in the QuerySurge 2013 release.

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About QuerySurge

QuerySurge™ is the only testing tool built to automate the testing of Data Warehouses and the ETL process. It gives you the ability to streamline data warehouse development, implement a repeatable regression strategy, and perform operational monitoring in your data warehousing projects.

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