View and Share Test Results

QuerySurge provides its informative data health dashboard and dozens of deep-dive reports at the push of a button

Technical Challenge

You need to view results and create reports that show the status and the data health of your project. This is a difficult task as the test cycle produces massive amounts of data that now needs to be parsed and aggregated. How can you deal with such a daunting and resource-intensive task?

The QuerySurge Solution

QuerySurge, designed specifically for automating the testing of Big Data & Data Warehouses, and BI Reports, provides a data health dashboard along with robust reporting that covers the lifecycle of your data testing. Where manual testing or home-grown solutions require a substantial effort to produce reports, QuerySurge reports are generated quickly and at the push of a button.

QuerySurge Data Health Dashboard widgets provide insight into your data like never before.

  • Build a customized dashboard from a selection of widgets to see the status of your project at a glance.
  • Easily see and report on trends in both your data and your team's performance.
  • Drill down into high-level information with interactive widgets. Get detail for a specific day, or about a specific test just by hovering or zooming in.

Get a comprehensive audit and share detailed results with others

Communication is critical for team and project success. Use QuerySurge reports to share both high-level and detailed views of your testing with team members, managers and business stakeholders.

  • Choose from a wide selection of configurable reports within the QuerySurge Report Library
  • Built-in reports range from high-level summary reports to lower-level, detailed reports with a complete audit trail of test modifications
  • Configure reports for specific date ranges, asset types or specific executions to get the view into your results that you need
  • Export your reports as Excel or PDF files to share within your organization or to archive for future audit needs
  • Integrate QuerySurge with your favorite Test Management solution from Micro Focus, Microsoft or IBM and have your pass/fail results and reports fully integrated.

QuerySurge will:

  • improve your data quality & data governance
  • accelerate your data delivery cycles
  • reduce your costs & risks
  • provide a huge ROI

But don’t believe us (or our clients). Try it for yourself.
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